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Our business

Data recovery service is a service extracting and recovering data such as pictures, videos, emails, customer information, administration data, etc., lost on servers, computers, flash memory due to errors or sudden troubles occurred to devices.

We recover data “fast, safe and secure” by absorbing the latest technology and introducing cutting edge equipment from institutes around the world.

As a result we have been No.1 data recovery firm in Japan for 9 years in a row in terms of number of inquiries, number of recoveries, recovery ratio, and revenue.

We are planning to expand globally and aim to be the World No.1 data recovery firm.


“Fast, safe and secure data recovery”

History of technological import

2007January Establishment of a technical partnership with an American data recovery firm.
March Participation in data recovery conference in Chéngdū China.
November Joint study of new technology in Russia.
2008May Participation in data recovery summit in Russia.
June Technical introduction of firmware recovery technology from China.
August Invitation of Dr. Peter Finlay as a technical supervisor.
September Joint project with company producing analyzing software in Sìchuān China.
2010January Technical exchange with Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
October Recovery rate of firmware error enhanced by 20% thanks to technical exchange with specialists.
2012June Succeeded in NAS recovery by an AES256bit method.
2013July RED development dept. succeeded in ZFS data recovery.
2015May Invention of data recovery tools designated for on-site recovery of large-amount servers.