We have been top share in Japanese data recovery market for 9 consecutive years. It is quite possible to maintain the current level just by everday routine operations until the market shrinks someday.

Although it is prossible to obtain a certain amount of stability by keeping the top share of the market, but we are not interested in such stability. Since 80% of our employees are under 30 years old,we must keep on growing and expanding.

We are not planning to stop at "top share Japan", we aim to have "the ultimate share in data recvery in the world".

This will be very challenging, but we are going to genuinely pursue our goal.

In order to have top share in the world, first of all we should become No.1 in Asia.

In addition we have changed our bussiness domain from "data recovery" to "Digital Data Solution" in order to solve any problems related to digital data. We are planning to launch two new services related to digital data apart from data recovery very soon, and will provide these services around the world after achieving top share in Japan.

Our ultimate goal is to get top share with each service and reach revenue of 100 billion yen. To achieve this goal we will first reach 10 billion yen revenue by 2020, and evolve into the world leading data solution company.

As the world's digitalization is proceeding day by stimulating cloud and big data markets growth, further development of AI and IoT technologies, digital data related problems are likely to occur within various fields.

Solution of such probles will naturally be highly demanded from the market.

We will move forward step by step towards our goal and we are very eager one day to reach the moment when a potential customer from wherever in the world, who has got some data problems, will consider first of all our before approaching somewhere else.

Digital Data Solution inc.
CEO Masashi Kumagai