From Japan to the World

We aim to be the World No.1 digital data solution firm.

President message

We are the company established in 1999.

Nowadays, digital data related problems occur every day in different places around the world. We are the company solving those kind of problems. We currently mainly provide a data recovery service, and have been maintaining the top share in Japanese market for 9 consecutive years.

In the first place, data recovery service is “a service restoring the lost data to its former state”. For instance, we recover data lost for any kind of reasons from computers, servers, smartphones, and other storage devices. While our corporate clients tend to recover financial data, client information data and R&D data, our personal clients tend to recover photographs, music etc.

One of the main aspects which has been enabling us to be the top share in the market for 9 consecutive years is our world-class data recovery success rate which is 96.2%. The cumulative number of inquiries has just surpassed 110,000 and it is growing drastically day by day.

The slogan of the data recovery division is “Grow out of Japan’s top share”. Although we have been leading the Japanese market for 9 years in a row, we are currently aiming to obtain “top share in the world”. As a first step towards the “top share in the world” we established a branch in Singapore in January 2015. Revenue of the branch has been growing so far, and the office has been moved in accordance with the growth.

We will not only enhance the data recovery technology level of HDD loaded in computers or servers, but also actively invest in new technologies enabling data recovery from smartphones and tablet devices whose demand has been growing drastically. Apart from it, we are launching two other new projects. We are planning to expand these two projects to overseas, and aiming to reach the annual revenue of 10 billion yen.

Since we emphasize the compliance, our team consists of the employees who strictly follow the corporate / management philosophy in order to achieve the goal of obtaining “the top share in the world”. We are the firm that would rather value “compliance” and “corporate / management philosophies” than the skills or performance.

There are no exceptions at this term. For instance, a company would collapse if it consisted of excellent employees not following the philosophy. For this reason we put strong emphasis on “compliance” and “philosophy”.

We are proud of our position in the Japanese data recovery market, and we promise to keep on providing the latest service for clients facing digital data related problems.

Digital Data Solution inc.
Masashi Kumagai