Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Digital Data Solution inc., (later indicated as DDS) will protect the information received during the business from each client, and contribute to all the stakeholders and society by operating the business sincerely. DDS will protect the private information by informing the policy to all directors and the employees including part-timers and temporary workers.

1.We inform our clients about the way of usage of the clients’ information before its reception, and use the information only within the way explained to them. In case the information is required to be used beyond the informed way of the usage, the clients would be definitely informed beforehand.

2.We will endeavor not to let the private information be used beyond the business purposes, illegally accessed, leaked, lost, deleted, broken or changed by taking necessary counter measures.

3.Our company follow the compliance strictly and will never use the private information beyond low restrictions of the country.

4.DDS will follow and keep the private policy management, and improve it flexibly in accordance with changes in low, social movements, or requirements from the clients.

5.DDS promise to correspond faithfully to inquiries requesting disclosure of private information according to the privacy policy rules.

Established: April 1st 2012
Edited: January 1st 2016
Digital Data Solution inc.
CEO Masashi Kumagai

Regarding usage of private information

DDS uses private information within the statements listed below, and will correspond to the inquiries from the clients within the logical ranges.

1.Purpose of usage of private information
(1)Private information about the customers
・For service quality improvement of the call center.
・For shipping, support and maintenance of the products.
・For correspondence to the clients and presentation of various services.
・For surveys and event guidance.

(2)Private information of the applicants
・To provide recruitment information to the applicants.
・In order to operate the recruitment process properly.

(3)Private information of the employees
The usage purpose of the employees’ private information is mentioned in the “Agreement Regarding Usage of Private Information” signed by each employee on the first day of employment. Details of the agreement are abbreviated here.

2.Disclosure and revision of the private disclosable private information *1 is done based on a request from the person by the procedures listed below.
*1 Disclosable private information is information stored in the company based on certain rules, which is possible to be disclosed, revised, added or deleted according to the person’s will. Although it has almost the same meaning with “stored private data” within the Personal Information Protection Law, it includes data which is deleted within 6 months.

(1)Procedure of informing of usage purpose and disclosure
1)DDS corresponds to inquiries requesting usage purpose of the information or disclosure request by mail.
In such case the request should be made based on a certain format of our company.
2)Sometimes we may not correspond fully to the request due to restrictions of Personal Information Protection Law.In such case we will inform the reason.
3)In case of the request contact us through the contact address in the item 3. We will inform you the details of procedure.

(2)Procedure of revision
1)We start to consider an inquiry from its holder regarding revision, addition or deletion after the inquiry is made. In such case, the inquiry should be done according to the application form of the company.
2)We revise and correct the data when it was determined to be necessary.
3)Sometimes we may not correspond fully to the request due to restrictions of Personal Information Protection Law. In such case we will inform the reason.
4)In case of the request contact us through the contact address in the item 3. We will inform you the details of procedure.

(3)The information may be disclosed to a representative of the owner of the information, in case the representative was actually reconfirmed.

(4)Each inquiry of disclosure of the information costs ¥1,000 based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

3.Contact the contact address below in case of inquiry of disclosure of information. Be aware that we will reconfirm before we will disclose the information to you.

“Customer service center”
・The man in charge Hisaaki Gomibuchi
Phone: +81-3-6264-1515
Available hours: from Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM (holidays set by us excluded)

Name of the official private data security company that DDS is a part of.
・Roppongi-First Bldg. 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo

4.Person in charge of private data security
Digital Data Solution inc. Hisaaki Gomibuchi

Regarding remarketing via online advertisements

There are various advertisements of service of Digital Data Solution inc. posted on several websites by a third party providers including Google.

Third parties including Google provide our remarketing adds using Cookie based on past access information. The clients can block usage of Cookie by Google, by accessing opt out page Google adds (or access opt out page Network Advertising Initiative). Please refer to
to see privacy policy of Google remarketing).
※Privacy policy of Cookie are presented below.

|What is Cookie?

Cookie is a system enabling computer save the web pages visited by a user as files. A page manager can change the visual of the page according to the visitor using the Cookie information.

The website can use the Cookie information as long as Cookie is turned on in the browser settings of the visitor. The browser of the visitor sends only the Cookies sent and received by the website in order to protect the visitor’s privacy.

|Regarding Cookie settings

・The user can choose from “Accept all Cookies”, “Disable all Cookies”, “Inform when a Cookie is received”. See help menu of your device for more information about Cookie settings.

・Be aware that disabling Cookies might restrict usage of some pages requiring authorization of the device.

|Regarding usage of Cookie

Digital Data Solution inc. use Cookie for the purposes listed below.

・To provide a service customized to the visitors logged in to our authorization service.

・To provide the information that the customers have the most interest in based on their visit to website of Digital Data Solution inc.

・To keep tracking of number of visitors to Digital Data Solution inc. website.

・To improve service of Digital Data Solution inc.

・To provide security. To promote reentry of password after certain time past.

In addition Digital Data Solution inc. may receive and save the Cookie information through a third party.